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Becoming a Walking Worker

After getting a walking pad in the fall of 2022, I can say it has been one of my favorite purchases. It's helped alleviate tight hips and a sore back from sitting all day. Using a walking pad is also a great plan B if I am not able to get a work out in during the morning time.

Here's a quick rundown of some stats.

  • Miles walked per day: Goal is a minimum of 5. Once getting the hang of it, can get in 8 - 10+ (schedule permitting).

  • Speed: I started off at like 1.0 while holding on to the desk (ha ha) but can range from 2.0 - 4.0 based on what is going on.

  • Times I've fallen off: 1

  • Purchase made from: Amazon (for the walking pad and desk extender) and Facebook Market Place ($25 for the desk)

  • When I use it: Usually in the mornings and early afternoon, responding to emails, reading, listening to trainings

  • When I don't use it: If I am leading meetings, needing to do some writing on a project, or if I just don't feel like walking

  • Bonus benefit: I like walking right after lunch - helps with avoiding a midday slump.

Sure it was a little weird initially joining calls while on a treadmill - but what is not weird is feeling better, stronger, and healthier because of it. I enjoy having a way to stay active while still being productive. It's a great way to stay efficient with my use of time.

If you were debating on getting one - here's my encouragement... do it! Your body will thank you!


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